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* School Visits *
One of our favorite things to do is to share our story and books message with students and educators. Our program covers what its like to be an author/illustrator/publisher blended with empowering life lessons we've experienced along the way.

Give your students, staff or organization the gift of being inspired by best-selling author Laura Duksta or illustrator Karen Keesler.

Their presentations will help:

* Raise Self-Esteem/ Self-Worth
* Improve Test Taking Ability
* Inspire you to take Action
* Connect to your Creative Genius

Call Today to book Laura and/or Karen. Bring them in to brighten up your school, community or organization!

* Author/Illustrator Visits
* Alopecia Areata Awareness
* Writers Groups/ Self-Publishing
* Ignite your Genius!
* Transforming your Challenges into Blessings
* Art Projects

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For availability/pricing call (in US) 954.608.9119 or send an email to
To book Karen email:
* Our New Preschool Program *
An interactive program designed to instill a love for books, reading, people and the planet! Our program runs approximately 30 minutes. It makes a great addition to a parent appreciation event. A program that children, educators and parents will all enjoy! This program ranges from $300-$500 depending on the size of the center. For more information send an email to

Praise for School Programs
I was planning a community event, and wow did I hit the jackpot bringing in New York Times Bestselling author, Laura Duksta!!! She spoke to our book club after school and then came back for a sensational evening event.†Both presentations exceeded my expectations. Laura inspired future authors to never give up, and realize that sometimes it takes a little failure to find success. Laura also inspired others to feel good about themselves with her fun cheers! She had students, parents, and community members on their feet, and feeling great!

Many of you think that during these difficult financial times, itís not possible to afford such an event. Thatís not true. Thanks to the tremendous support from a school partner, I was also able to secure Lauraís fee with ease. I would highly recommend Laura and her program†to students, parents, and teachers! What an enthusiastic author! Donít miss out!!!

Amy, Third Grade Teacher
Weston, FL

Thank you so much for your presentation at St. Mark's. I can truly say that we were all overwhelmed by your positive message! I was so impressed with your ability to communicate effectively with all age groups. Each of the groups you spoke to from the 1 year old class to the 8th grade enjoyed your book and talk. I have seen kids doing the I Shine cheer all week and our 7/8th grade Math teacher tells me she uses the genius cheer every day at the start of class! I hope you will come back and talk to us about your next book--we are looking forward to it!
Heidi Burnett
Director, School Media Center
St. Mark's Episcopal School

Laura Duksta and Karen Keesler are great! They have a presentation that truly supports the work of educators, parents and children. Their message of love includes both affective and academic elements. Social and emotional issues discussed include dealing with personal challenges, differences in yourself and others, appreciating yourself and others, using the imagination and self-affirmation, setting goals, accepting constructive criticism, and using your talents to help others. Academic issues include keeping a positive attitude in school, exploring the creative process, drafting and revising work of any kind (including written and artistic work) and persevering to complete a project. Laura and Karen know how to tailor their program to audiences of various ages. They helped my school find the genius inside each one of us!
From James McGhee II, Headmaster
Alexander School, Miami, FL

I feel itís been a privilege to have crossed paths with these lovely ladies because of their message of love and their dedicated, compassionate method of delivering that message not only through their book and their web site, but also through their personalities. Every chance Iíve had to interact with Laura and Karen tells me that they have a strong message that needs to be heard not only in South Florida, but around the world.
From Julia E. Spann, Youth Services Librarian Pembroke Pines/Walter C. Young Res. Center
In a room filled with young children and adults, Laura Duksta instantly captures your attention and before you know it, she captures your heart. She's like a wizard. A lot of magical twinkling fills the room and inside each little soul stars are born.

Mary Dewald, daughter, mother, grandmother and 5th grade teacher