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Laura often gets asked how she went from being a bartender to a New York Times Bestselling author. She is happy to share what's she learned and does this through a tele-class she offers 1-2 times/year as well as some 1 to 1 consulting. For more information send an email to Or check back for next class dates--coming Fall or Winter 2013!
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Are you ready to get started? Laura is ready to help! She's available for 1 Hour Consults for $150. Sign up here and she'll email you to schedule a time.

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Laura speaks to students, educators, women's groups, charitable organizations and churches. Her personal story and mission inspires audiences of all ages-from 3 to 103! There's nothing Laura loves more than traveling the world and sharing her message of love. To book her to come to your school send an email to...
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Have you read The Secret or enjoyed Oprah's Spiritual Web Series on A New Earth? Then you may want to check out the global web community that Laura founded along with Lilou Mace and Sandy Grason. CoCreating Our Reality is a place to practice applying Universal Laws and Principles such as The Law of Attraction, The Law of Deliberate Creation, The Law of Action, etc. Find out more here: CCOR
Laura's also recently moved to Nashville, TN to pursue songwriting. She believes she has a messsage of love to share through her books, speaking, music and MORE! Stay tuned...
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Karen also captures the love of people and the planet through her photographs. Here's a photo of her precious daughter Lola out picking peppers!

The K and F Group can handle all your photo and production needs inside and outside South Florida!

If you're interested in learning more send an email
Karen also does great Art and Recycling Projects at schools and for community groups and organizations! Bring her in to help plant a garden, design students own I Love You More cards/books, talk with the students about the importance of recycling and MORE! Send an email for information and availability to: