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A Few I Love You More Reviews
“I can just see an adult and a kid giggling away, flipping the book over and taking turns reading to get to the middle and a big fat hug…Sweet, simple examples that a little one with a big heart will understand.”
—Alyne Ellis, AARP Radio Network

“A great flip-story book with an appealing message! The colorful pictures are simple but elegant, and the large font is appealing to kids. Parents will enjoy the book’s sentiments, and teachers will find it useful in the classroom. A must-have for the holidays, and a great way to say ‘I love you!’”—Diane Van Tassell, Bay Books, San Ramon, CA

“A gorgeous and touching combination of heartfelt message, rhyme and rhythm, with childlike illustrations. Its cleverly conceived flip story, which ends in the middle and starts from either side, will show you what love looks like from both a parent and a child’s perspective.”—Dann Gershon, The Sarasota Herald-Tribune

“There are many, many books that feature a mother telling her child how much she loves him or her. That’s what happens here, too. But after reading about how much a mother loves her son, children can flip the book over and be treated to the boy addressing the same topic…the boy’s observations have a sweet kidlike quality (‘I love you longer than the longest lollipop ever lasted’), and the artwork has the look of a child’s own brightly colored drawing, with figures slightly out-of-proportion, eyes wide, mouths a slash of a line. Cheeriness is the overarching feeling from the art, as both mother and child stretch to explain how much the other is loved.”—Ilene Cooper, Booklist
Accolades From A Few Of Our Favorite Authors
"I love this book because it deals with the most powerful thing in the world... love."
--- Mark Victor Hansen
Co-Creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul

"The day that we received this book my wife read it over the phone to our youngest child.
The conversation of love that it sparked was magical."

--- Jack Canfield
Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul, Featured in "The Secret"

"This book offers a Spiritual Solution to any and all problems that might arise for a child."
--- Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
Bestselling author and international speaker, Father of Motivation

"In my entire life I've never read a children's book that has touched me so deeply. I Love You More is simple, elegant and moving. It's impossible for anyone to read this book without their hearts opening with tears of gratitude and love."
--- Dr. John F. Demartini, Bestselling author of Count Your Blessings, Featured in "The Secret"

"I Love You More shines as a pure expression of the heart. I wish everyone could read this book and live its glowing message!"
--- Alan Cohen
Bestselling author of A Deep Breath of Life